The book

Don't go.

Give up while there’s still time.

Explore a few pages, in small or large format.

Besides, why would you be crazy enough to get lost in Diesel City? You're not so naive as to think that what's offered to you here in 200 big, full- color pages is just the impressive portfolio of some French illustrator whose inspiration obviously comes from the mid-20th century, are you? Bizarchitecture, Uncommon Transportation, Parabellum, Megalopolis... These are the strange titles of some of the chapters that – one after the other – drag you down deeper and deeper with each illustration into an even stranger place. Nothing but innocent pictures, you say? Just an imaginary universe? Did someone say “alternative”? But there are those texts, too, that lead you down paths you thought you’d never follow. At first the destination seemed uncertain. Now it seems scary. The "photographic documents from the time," as they say, a breadcrumb trail throughout the book that you thought would let you keep fiction separate from reality, suddenly prove to be nothing more than another way to blur the line between them.
But it's too late now. Diesel City has caught you its perverse trap. And once you’ve been sucked into the film noir plot that’s taking place there, you’re going to realize that the price of your ticket doesn't include the return trip. Diesel City. You won’t believe it. But that’s the whole point of having these four folios framed and stuck up on your wall as evidence. Proof that you were there. But you don't listen and you’ve already got one foot on the gangplank.

Too bad for you. You've been warned.


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