Silent Empire

Defy your destiny.

Francis is a man haunted by visions of a family he can’t remember and the growing awareness that his world is a fabrication by oppressors who control every aspect of his existence. After being contacted by the mysterious Coalition, Francis is reluctantly persuaded to find the answers that elude him. His pursuit of truth puts him in a duel of wills against the Sovereign, the oppressive empire that uses the machine of propaganda combined with the brutal terror of their Dogmen to smother any spark of rebellion.

The Coalition reveals the Sovereign’s technological prowess that has trapped its inhabitants in a lethargic state that keeps its inner core protected by sleepwalking drones. Francis is the only person on the inside whose mind is active enough to resist and take action. With time running out and his life at risk, Francis must choose between defiance or submission; a decision that will either further imprison him… or shatter an Empire forever.

The Silent Empire graphic novel is the brainchild of retro-futuristic artist Stefan, scripted by Bard Constantine, the author of The Aberration.



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